3 Users

3 different needs

We believe that everyone should have access to a simple telephony solution.

Universe is easy to use, easy to grasp and very flexible. The solution includes all the basic features you need to run your business and keep your customers happy. With Universe, your business will have access to all features to allow you to use the system to suit your needs.

Here are 3 examples of users with different needs and how Universe adapts to them.



Customer Service Employee


IT Manager



On a regular working day I will typically go into the office and do a standard 9-5 day. However, twice a week I work the late shift from home.

I work from home 12 – 8pm. By having the Universe SIM, both my mobile and desk phone work under one number so i can make and receive calls wherever I am and look more professional.

We are a European company operation in … We manage all our telephony under one system with Universe.

We make a lot of international calls because of the nature of our business both within and outside of the EU. We also travel around a lot

Most of my colleagues have both a Universe Mobile and Desk phone. No matter how many devices we have we only need one number per user so i can contact my colleagues from anywhere.

Companies that do not have permanent staff employ us to represent their company.

Right now we have 45 customers. We answer all incoming calls. We can see which company calls are coming from so we can present ourselves properly. When we need to call out we can choose what number to display both mobile and desk phone.

Most of the companies open and close at different times. This also applies to public holidays but that is not a problem. We have 45 clients all with different needs. With Universe it is easy to manage them all individually.

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