Manage your telephony

Simple to set up and run

As a Universe Admin you will have complete control of your telephony. The features come to life before your eyes and guide you around the system.

There is no need to understand complex scripting and coding. Gone are the days when you had to deal with complicated menu systems. No more searching through manuals or spending hours on the phone finding an answer to a problem.


Universe makes everything easy. The accessible layout allows you to set up users, record your IVR and manage your calls. The simple drag and drop function means you don’t need any previous knowledge of using a VOIP system. The graphical flowchart allows you to build your own IVR scripts. You can even create your own virtual secretary.


As an Admin of the Universe system you can create your own IVR queues. Incoming calls can be a lot to manage for a small business especially if you don’t have the staff. You can tell Universe to put calls on hold until the right person is ready to answer.

But that’s not all, simplicity and flexibility means you can have visibility of everything you need to know. You can see who is available and who isn’t at any time. You can set up ring groups so your business functions as efficiently as possible.

With Universe, you are in control.

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