Cisco’s brand new multiplatform handsets

Cisco’s brand new multiplatform handsets added to Universe Service

We are excited to announce that Cisco’s Multiplatform IP phones are now being offered as standard with our unified communications service, Universe.

Fully mobile enabled, Universe has already allowed channel partners to meet the growing demand for cloud based telephony and to increase revenue from new and existing customers; by adding the Cisco IP phones to the service, customers and partners now have the highest quality complete solution that meets their needs both now and into the future.

The needs of the modern business are constantly evolving and dynamic cloud solutions are in high demand. It was essential for Firstcom to partner with a manufacturer that shared its mission and values to remain ahead of the game.

Adam Crisp, Chief Technology Officer at Firstcom explains: “Cisco lead the way in terms of product innovation and have a very well though-out cloud strategy for future product development. It makes complete business sense to partner with a manufacturer with a similar approach to ours’ at Firstcom.
Crisp continues “The suite of IP phones blends extreme quality with the highest level of engineering excellence. By partnering with Cisco we have a clear development path from today’s products into the products of the future. Customers and partners demand ease-of-use, value and hardware that is built to last. With Cisco they get all of these things and also are buying into a technology that is future proof.”


Cisco 8841 ideal for knowledge workers and remote workers across businesses of all sizes or sectors.

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