Can I port a number to Universe?

Should you change your number?

The answer is, yes you can.

If you are considering moving your business to the cloud it is likely that you have already built up a reputation with you customers and within your industry. You may not want to change your number, only your phone system to help manage your calls. When switching to Universe you can port your numbers to your new system.

When you change providers from a traditional phone system to VoIP, you may find that you use your phones for more than just making calls. It is important to understand what your phone lines do before switching.

When you port your number away from your current provider, the line associated with that number will stop working and any services you use with it. Switching services the right way may be critical to how your business continues to run.

If you are considering changing your phone system here is what you should consider when choosing to change or stay with your number.

Why keep your number?

So, why should you keep your existing number? You may want to keep your number if you already have a reputation within the field. By keeping your number you won’t confuse your customers.

The porting is a simple process and it will get your numbers exactly where you want them. When your number has gone through the porting you will be able to use your new system with your original number. So you will be able to resume business as normal.

Why change?

If you are moving premises it could be more difficult to port your number to a new service as traditional service numbers are dependent on location. Even if you are porting your number to a new provider you still have to be within that area code so it may be more beneficial and easier for you to change numbers as in the long term if you need to move again you will not have to change again.

Should you change or stay?

It depends on your business needs. If you are moving away from a traditional system to a hosted solution you need a good quality Internet connection which may add to business costs. Number porting is a fairly easy process, however it can be done wrong so consider whether it is necessary for you to keep your existing number rather than switch.

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