Can I replace my phone system with Universe?

4 benefits of moving to Universe

Communication technology is moving forward. Businesses are looking for more ways to enhance their productivity to keep up with the competition. By switching your traditional phone system to a hosted solution you can not only boost your company’s output but also save money.

If you want to replace your phone system it can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t need to be. Universe makes the switch easy and you can be up and going on the system in a matter of minutes. You will have access to a wide variety of features that could benefit your business. Here are just a few benefits you can get when you replace your phone system with Universe:

  1. Scalability

As your business expands it is important for you to be able to adapt to the changes in your office. With Universe all updates are done for you automatically and there is no external hardware such as an onsite PBX – so you won’t need to upgrade as your company expands which cuts costs dramatically.

The thing about switching your phone system to any hosted solution is that you have no restrictions on locations and scale. You can add and remove users with ease and without having to purchase new hardware.

If you have offices in different locations you can link all your offices together under one system, so you can always stay connected. This way if you have different areas of the business that handle different queries you can transfer calls easily.

  1. Mobility

Universe offers full mobile integration with the system. We offer SIM cards and you also have access to our free app on smartphones. You will be able to use one device to manage all your personal and work calls. This means you can look professional on the go. With all your devices linked to a hosted system you can be available anytime, anywhere. All you will need is an internet connection.

  1. Call Management

With Universe you are in control of your phone system. There is no need to be experienced with technical coding, Universe is made for humans, by humans. Universe has a simple drag and drop IVR system that Administrators can change as and when they please to suit the demand of their business.

Another thing about Universe is that regular users are in control of their own call management. Simply log into the Universe self-care page and you can view all your voice and data usage as well as manage your one number for your devices.

  1. Hassle Free

Universe is easy to install. There is no need for any extra hardware such as an onsite PBX. Universe operates in the cloud so it saves you hassle and money on installing and maintaining costly equipment.

With everything all in one place it makes it easier for you to get on with your work instead of worrying about how your phone system is working. It also means you can cut costs as you won’t need to employ any extra staff to manage the system. Universe even updates itself.

There is no need to worry about how much you are spending on calls and data, Universe offers you a fixed monthly subscription fee per user. Not only does it save hassle, it saves your company’s money.

By replacing your phone system with Universe you will gain access to a variety of features that helps enhance your businesses productivity and become more mobile. Not only that you can save costs in all the right places as well as take away any unnecessary hassle. Switch to Universe today and see how much you could benefit from it.

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