Cloud based or on-premises? The right fit for your business.

Cloud based or on-premises? The right fit for your business.

Changing your telephony can be daunting, and with so many choices out there it can be confusing as to what kind of a system to go for. Really the best place to start is to decide whether you need an on-premises solution or a cloud-based one. To do this you need to consider the following:

Upfront Costs

Hosted or cloud based phone systems have very low upfront costs. On-premise systems can be expensive to buy and maintain. With a hosted system you are usually charged a monthly fee with a subscription based model where you pay for each user on the system. This is often a much more attractive proposition for SME’s and start-ups. You might also want to take into account total cost of ownership. Systems that are hosted in the cloud have a very low total cost of ownership due to savings in IT personnel and the fact that the maintenance and development of the system is shouldered by the service provider.


Another thing to ask yourself is how you see your business growing over the next year or so. With an on-premises solution you may be forced to buy a bigger appliance than you actually need to allow you to accommodate future growth and incur unnecessary costs before you really have to. If you choose a cloud based system new users can be added as and when, and there are no limit to the number of users that can be added to the system.


If you have offices in more than one location or you have home and mobile workers, a cloud based solution makes sense. Your staff can seamlessly access the system from anywhere with an Internet connection; all you need is a computer on your desk, or a mobile device in your hand.

If your service provider includes mobile integration then suddenly their mobile functions in exactly the same way as a desk phone; and this includes features like call transfer and short code dialling. With today’s workforce increasingly demanding flexible working options, the ability to support remote workers means you can attract the most talented candidates.

Disaster Recovery

All businesses need telephony and if yours stops working then you’ll lose money. With your telephony system safely hosted in the cloud, your customers and suppliers can still reach you even if your office is affected by a disaster like fire or flood.

The bottom line is that a cloud based solution is a great choice for businesses who want all the features of a phone system without the expense and hassle of having to run one.

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