Do you need to be able to communicate with a number of offices at the same time?

We all know good communication is good business. With the Universe conference feature it is easy to hold your meetings over the phone; crucial if your offices are in different locations. Your internal calls and meetings are just another extension on the system.

Conference Bridge

A conference bridge allows several individuals to dial into one point. As no one needs to travel, things get done more efficiently and you can press on with matters quickly.


More and more of us need to travel or work remotely. This doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the loop. All you need is a good Internet connection, the Universe SIM card and you can take part in conference calls.


If you provide your customers with out of hours support and don’t wish to give them your mobile number you can provide them with a pin number. When they call your main telephone out of hours they can enter the code and be put through to your mobile.

If you are having a meeting and you don’t want any sensitive information to be leaked, Universe enables you to use an 8 digit code to enter a conference and keep your information secure.


If you have anyone who can’t make a conference call or you need to save important information. You can just simply record it.

Universe makes staying in touch easy.

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