Where devices meet

Universe is built to help users. Do you find yourself with a lot of subscriptions for devices? This can be hard to manage. Universe is designed so you can use all your devices on one system.

Multiple Devices

With Universe you don’t have to stop at one device. We know that most users have a softphone on their desk, a mobile in their pocket, a tablet and landline at home.

So, if you need to make a long journey for work but need to be available for work calls, just use your Universe SIM card.

You can connect all your devices to the system so you can be available at any time with no restrictions.


Flexible working has become more popular. If you have staff that work from home, you don’t need to worry about communication. Whether your staff work from home or on the go they will be easy to contact when using the Universe SIM card or mobile app.

Twin Ringing

When you have lots of different devices it can be complicated. But with one subscription and one number Universe makes it easier to manage your calls out and about.  If you have to leave your desk for a second, you don’t need to worry about missing that important call. The twin ringing feature makes all your devices ring so you can pick up wherever you are.

Call forwarding for devices

If you do miss a call the call forwarding feature means your calls will divert to another number. If you are away for lunch or in a meeting but are expecting an important call, you can forward your calls to your main office so they can take the messages.

Universe offers you something different. You will have Speech, data and SMS shared on one subscription by all your devices. The same goes for your voicemails and telephone numbers.


Do you ever feel like you can’t get any work done because your phone is ringing off the hook?

Universe can help you. Just by pressing do not disturb on your softphone you don’t have to worry about being interrupted from your work.

One number, One subscription

Do you have a work and a personal smartphone? Wouldn’t it be easier if they worked together? With Universe mobile, your number is the same on all your devices.

One user, with one number and one subscription. It’s as simple as that.

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