How you can benefit from moving to the cloud

The great thing about a hosted phone system is that it is accessible to businesses of any size. This is because your service provider develops and maintains the technology in the cloud and you don’t have to pay for and support an expensive telephone system on site. Cloud based phone systems are resilient as they ensure that your communications are not affected in the event of a disaster like fire or flood.

Why Universe ?

With Universe everything is included, you pay per user and there are no hidden costs.Your remote, home and office workers all share  the same system so they get access to great features like call transfer, IVR and voicemail. We give you one number which you use on all your Univeres devices even mobile, meaning that you are on the system even if you are on the move. You can start with one user and there are no limits to how many users you can add as you grow.

With Universe you are automatically enabled for new features and innovation so your business always enjoys the latest technology without having to ask.

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