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7 questions to ask before moving to the cloud

If you are looking to move your telephony system to the cloud it can be hard to get right. You need to make sure that the system you choose will benefit your business in the long term. A hosted system has been proven to increase staff productivity but also reduce capital expenditure. One of the main benefits is that you can be available wherever you are and at any time. The working model has changed with many people requesting more flexible and remote working. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with customer needs as many businesses are expected to be available for longer. It’s also important to choose the right provider and system for your business size. Here are 7 questions you should ask before moving to hosted VoIP:

  1. What can the provider offer you?

A factor to consider when moving your telephony system to the cloud is the support you get from your provider. Look for someone who offers 24/7 support for you. It is also important to check if it will cost you extra when using additional features. Look for a provider that includes everything in one monthly bundle.

  1. Do I need to invest in hardware?

As a hosted system is in the cloud everything is done through the internet. As it is online you do not need PBX hardware which cuts your costs on maintenance. The only thing you may need to install is a desk phone.

3. Will it cost a lot?

When you move your telephony to the cloud you will not need to pay any upfront costs for any separate installation. You are in control so you can set it up yourself.

4. Can it expand with my business?

A hosted system is scalable so it will grow with your business. If you are expanding with traditional hardware you may need to pay extra hardware. When using the cloud, you can add and remove users with ease without having to go through your provider.

5. Can I put all my employees in one system?

You only need one system for your business on the cloud. Your staff will be given their own extension numbers that work.

6. Can I use all my devices on one number?

Each user is given an extension so they only need one number to use all their devices. With a hosted system they can set your work number and use it on your personal phone. Before you choose a provider check they include mobile integration as an added bonus for your business. With mobile integration your staff will be able to use their other devices as their work phone which enables your business to accommodate flexible working for staff who either travel or work from home.

7. Can I use it on the go?

With systems like Universe you can use your mobile as your professional phone on the go. This will increase productivity for your business as you do not need to wait to be at your desk. You can set your devices to run alongside your professional number so you can be available anywhere at any time.

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