IVR Drag and Drop

Have you ever felt like VoIP software is too complicated?

With Universe it doesn’t have to be.


The IVR is made for anyone to use. Universe uses a clear graphical flowchart and a drag and drop functionality. When you are the system administrator for your company you do not need any previous experience. Universe is made for humans, by humans.

When you are in control, it’s easier to get things going.

The simple design makes it easy for anyone to use without any advanced technical knowledge. You can create IVR scripts smoothly with the user friendly interface.

You have access to a fully operational professional system within a matter of minutes. Making it easy for your company to expand with ease.


You can create calling queues so your customers are directed where they need to be and they will speak to the right person every time. If you find it hard to handle the number of calls you do not need to worry. Universe can help. By using the queuing feature you can let your customers know what position they are in and you are going to be with them as soon as you can.


There is no need for a receptionist. The text-to-speech feature is your ‘virtual’ secretary so  can direct calls automatically.

Universe can improve your business’s efficiency, agility and can reduce overhead costs.

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