IVR Queues

Does your business have a lot of calls to handle?

Sometimes as a small business you don’t have the ability to answer all your incoming calls.

With Universe you can use IVR Queues. The queue function combines office telephony with call centre functions.


There are no limits to being an administrator on the Universe system. There is no need to wait for someone else to set it up as you can do it yourself. The IVR is a simple drag and drop system that needs no previous knowledge.

You want to know that your calls are taken care of. As an administrator you can choose the ring group the calls will go to, so your customers will be directed to the right person every time.

As a small business you want to spend more time on your work and less time on your phone system.


The feature can put all your incoming calls on hold until the right person is ready to answer.

Customers can get frustrated about having to wait. With Universe you can personalise their experience with music and announcements to make sure they know you will be coming to them as soon as possible.

With Universe, your company will always be available as the line is never busy.

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