Your personal PBX

What happens when you put the Universe SIM card in your mobile phone?

When you use a Universe SIM card, it transforms your mobile phone into a cloud PBX in your pocket. The Universe SIM card breaks down the normal office boundaries.

So what can it do?

First of all having your PBX with you everywhere you go means that you are available anywhere at any time and you’ll never miss a call.


To get the most out of using the Universe SIM card, you should use a Smartphone. With a phone that has the ability to use data there is no restriction on where you can receive business calls on your mobile.

If you work from home you don’t need to feel like you can’t communicate with other colleagues. Just simply pick up your Universe mobile. If you can’t make a meeting, just dial in from your mobile – you can even take part in a conference call.

Mobile company number

With the app or SIM card you can use Universe on your personal phone and make it your professional phone. You can use your work number on your personal devices, so you can look professional wherever you go.

Extension numbers

Using the Universe SIM card  makes it easier for you to contact other work colleagues. You do not need to use their full work numbers; simply type in their extension number and it will call the right person.

Fixed and mobile convergence

Universe allows you to make the best use of the Internet, by being able to move through wireless networks and still make use of their voice and data communications.

Data and voice share

To use Universe all you need is an Internet connection. You can share all your data and voice usage between your devices. You can view how much you’ve used whenever you need to.

Switching to Universe could benefit your business if you need to accommodate staff members that either work from home, abroad or are on the road. It’s the perfect business solution.

The Universe SIM card is your own personal phone system.

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