Mobile Convergence

5 ways mobile convergence can be your business solution

A lot of telecoms companies have been introducing mobile convergence, but what exactly is it? Mobile convergence unifies a telephone system that uses both a fixed line and mobile and allowing them to work as a single system. The main aim is to create a seamless transmissions of voice and data usage. The benefits of a system like this can make your working life a breeze. Here are examples of 5 simple ways it could be your perfect business solution.

Flexible Workers

Flexible and remote working has become a growing trend that more and more businesses need to integrate into their workforce. With mobile convergence, staff can use any device to make and receive work calls without straying away from looking professional.

The ability to be able to use your other devices like your fixed line is essential in this day and age. It is likely that remote workers spend a lot of time away from their desk and need manage their work whilst they are out and about. By allowing your staff to work flexibly cuts costs. It minimises travel expenses and office space as well as complying with new laws and flexible working.

Transferring Calls

No one wants transferred calls to feel clumsy between devices. You can look professional on the go by being able to transfer calls between the office and remote workers seamlessly with no fuss. No one needs to miss a call or customers needing a call back. Effortless transferring it just a click away.


Mobile convergence makes your system feel like you have a PBX in your pocket. Even when colleagues are away from the office they can take calls as if they are at their desk. You are always available and your workforce will be able to respond quickly to important calls enhancing your businesses productivity.

One Number

It can be hard to manage or give out your contact details to customers when you have lots of different numbers. Which one do they call and how do they reach you? Missing that important call can be frustrating both for workers and customers. It also means more work by checking your voicemails. When using mobile convergence, you do not need to worry about switching between numbers all you need is one number.

One Subscription

Mobile convergence allows companies to route all mobile calls through the corporate network. You can share your calls between your mobile and fixed lines. This reduces your monthly call costs but also makes it easier to manage your time by only having one supplier.

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