New to Hosted VoIP?

9 ways hosted telephony could be for you.

Cloud communications are gaining in popularity. Many businesses have already made the move from traditional telephony to hosted services as it has been proven to cut the costs of your telephony services. Not only that, but it can improve your company’s efficiency and flexibility.

If you’re new to hosted telephony, it can be quite daunting to choose the plan that is right for your business. There are many factors and features to consider changing to the cloud. If you are struggling here are 9 features and benefits just to get you started:

One Number

Do you find yourself struggling to manage all your work and personal devices? When you have too many numbers and subscriptions it can feel as though it is a lot to handle. With hosted telephony you will just have one number. You can set specified phones to ring when that number is called –whether it’s your mobile or office phone. That means you can be available anywhere at any time.

Visual Voicemail

Sometimes it can be hard to cope with all your messages. Having your phone clogged up with voicemail notifications can seem an intimidating task to handle. With a cloud system all your messages are stored on an online system. All your messages are presented visually for you to pick and choose between and prioritize the ones you want to listen to as and when.

Flexible Working

More businesses are allowing their employees to work from home. Studies have shown that remote working increases productivity and can save your business money on office space.

However, there is always concern whether your flexible workers can get on with their work and still maintain a professional image from home or on the go. The solution: linking your workers to your office.

With hosted VoIP an of your employees can work from home, all they need is an Internet connection and they will have access to the same number, features and functions they would at the office. Customers will have no idea they are at home taking their calls. They will always look professional even in their pajamas on the sofa.


By having your telecommunications system in the cloud you can take your personal phone and make it your professional phone. You will be available whenever and wherever you are; just set your mobile to run alongside your desk phone to make sure you don’t miss a call.

Conference Calls

If you have offices in different locations or have remote workers, it can be hard to get everyone in for that weekly meeting; a conference bridge enables your several individual to dial in at one point.

With telephony you can link all your offices together under one system. You don’t need to be left out of the loop when working remotely because you can even dial in from your mobile.


If you are a small business you may be looking for ways to expand which can also become costly if you have and on site solution. When everything is in the cloud your telephony system can grow with your business easily. There is no limit to how many users can be added to the system.

Low Costs

With an on-premises solution it can be costly to install with upfront costs and maintain the external hardware. You may also need to employ extra IT personnel to take care of the system. When using a hosted system you are usually charged a monthly fee for each user with your subscription. You are in control of your software which means you will only pay for what you need. There are no upgrade costs as the system will automatically upgrade.

Virtual Secretary

As a small business you may be looking for way to keep your costs down especially if you don’t have a big office to hold the staff. One way hosted telephony can benefit you is by providing you with your own virtual secretary. The text-to-speech feature directs your customers to who they need to speak to without pre-recorded messages.

Easy to use

Cloud telephony is designed to be simple and for to use without any previous experience. There is no complex coding and scripting, the idea is that you control the system yourself.

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