Manage your telephony wherever you are

Universe has everything in one place. It’s that simple.

As Universe is in the cloud, it is accessible from the web. This means you do not need any additional hardware. Cloud software enables you to have new ways of completing traditional tasks in a more efficient and cost effective way.


By having your phone system in the cloud you can access it wherever and whenever you want via the Internet.

So, if you wake up in the middle of the night wondering about the cost of the call you made to Germany earlier in the day, then just pick up your mobile device beside your bed and ask Universe. Your information is available anytime, anywhere.

If you are an Admin you can use the online dashboard to set up your users and you can handle the system yourself. So much easier than spending hours on the phone to your service provider trying to work it all out.


We are always looking for ways to save money. By managing Universe yourself, it keeps your costs down.

But there are others advantages  for users such as online fax. With online fax you no longer need to walk down the other end of the office to pick up your incoming fax, when you can receive it right in your Universe inbox .

You receive your voicemails online. Universe simply presents each voicemail visual for you so you can pick the one you want to hear. Deleting is just a swipe away. Whatever you choose, Universe helps keeping your voicemail updated across all your telephone numbers and devices.


If you are a small business you might be looking for easy ways to branch out. With Universe you can add users as you go and scale the system via the portal to accommodate increased call volume.

As an Admin, you can access the IVR from any device and any location to change your outgoing message. You might need to change call groups at different times of day or during busy periods. A simple click of the mouse tells the system where calls should be sent.

As a user you can personalise your own account; view and manage your extension and devices, see who is free, even if they work remotely. All this can be done from the online portal.

With Universe, you are in control. How you choose to use it is in your hands.

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