One Number

Wouldn’t it be easier if all your devices worked from one number?

When you are busy juggling work tasks, it’s nice to find something that makes life a bit easier. Universe means that as a user you only need one  number. One number follows you around on all your devices.

If you are a small business you might be thinking of expanding your offices. Even if you move to a different area you can do that easily without needing to change numbers.

With Universe you can instantly look professional no matter what size your business is.

One User one Number

One number gives you one clear identity; it is easy for you to give out and for your customers to remember. Our per user subscription model means you can control your costs up front.


Most of us use more than one device at work. This can get complicated with lots of numbers to remember and keep track of. Universe does away with this; you are given one number and one subscription for all your devices on the system.


If you need a work mobile it can be annoying having to give out two numbers. The Universe SIM card means your mobile phone is simply an extension of your office phone, so you look much professional to clients when you are on the move. Universe gives you total flexibility. You can stay in one place and reach out anywhere in the world.

You only need one number, one place, one system. It’s that easy.

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