Speech Synth

If you write it, Universe can say it.

As a start-up or a small business you want to get things moving right away. It can sometimes seem hard to compete with some of the bigger companies but Universe can help. Speech synth is the perfect solution for creating queues and answer phone messages quickly and efficiently.


As an administrator for your company’s Universe system you have complete control. Gone are the days when you need to employ someone on reception. With speech synthesis you can create your own ‘virtual secretary’ to direct your customers to who they need to speak to. Individual users of the system can set up their own voicemail messages.  Now your customers don’t need to go through numerous members of staff find who they are looking for.


As a business you want to look professional right away, with the Universe Text-to-Speech feature you can introduce your company without the hassle of recording your own voice messages.


If you have offices abroad or communicate with foreign offices, Universe has the ability to change language so you can communicate with everyone effectively.

If you write it, Universe can say it.

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