Flexible Working

The rise of flexible working

New technology makes it so much easier to work flexibly. 13.9% of UK office workers work from home. 20% of managers work from home. With cloud telephony there is no need to worry about their workers being away from their desks. That is in the past. Today most businesses agree that work and creativity have gone up. Looking at the figures and reports it shows that flexible working staff pays off. Productivity levels have even been boosted 13% which is good for any manager to hear. With a cloud solution all your working staff is flexible.

How can flexible working benefit your business?


With hosted telephony there are no limits. 69% of offices now use cloud technology. This makes flexible working a breeze. Most workers now have the tools to work from home. All they will need is an internet connection. It’s not surprising that by 2022 60% of workers are expected work from home.

If workers are working from home. It can be easy to worry about the rate work is done or whether they can communicate easily with other members of staff. But there is no need to worry. Flexible workers have impacted positively on businesses.

Flexible workers have been:

  • More efficient, organised and productive
  • Empowered and motivated
  • Giving better customer service
  • Less likely to been sick or absent

A lot of workers check their emails out of office hours. Businesses expect their staff to take advantage of the company’s phone system. By having this advantage, workers have said that working remotely doesn’t affect them communicating with other colleagues. With cloud telephony they don’t have to rely on emails to talk with more than one person at a time. You can conference anywhere at any time.

Remote working keeps everybody happy. By working from home you can keep your work life balance. Which makes one satisfied worker. Employers have also noticed that it boosts performance.

Cost effective

 In an average person’s career they will spend £50,000 on commuting. By being able to work at home they will not have to spend money on travel to work. This also allows you to employ people that may not be able to get to the office daily.

People that work between the office and home will benefit from a VoIP system. It’s cost effective because all you need is one number. Companies that have offices out of the country will not get charged extra. With hosted telephony it is one location. It brings people together without having to worry about where anyone is in the world. Your business will not only save on monthly rental costs but also on national and international calls.

Office space is also another factor in costing employers money. By having your work force working flexibly, there is no need for a large office. So you don’t need to spend extra on desk space.

So, how could your business benefit from flexible workers using a hosted system?

Employees that work between the home and the office will benefit from a VoIP system. Your staff will be more motivated, productive and committed. Not only that but costs be cut by reducing office space and replacing it in the cloud. The technology makes it ideal for employees that have to travel or commute for work and don’t want to worry about costly or poor call quality calls.

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