Simple to get going

The Universe on-line portal and mobile app puts you in control of your communications, even on the move.

We host the system in the cloud so installation is hassle and disruption free. All you need is a good Internet connection to sign up. The phones are already set up for your users when you receive them.

When you get the system you can manage your telephony your way by adding yourself to and removing yourself from call groups. Set your calls to divert or forward them to a colleague if you don’t want to be disturbed. The call management tool or IVR has a ¬†clearly signposted drag and drop layout so you can set it up in-house without any IT or telecoms expertise. Of course our friendly support team are on hand if you need them.


The Universe online portal and mobile app puts you in control of your communications whether you are office based, work remotely, are a constantly on the move.


If you are an Administrator of the system you will find that our professional text-to-speech prompts help you set up your company’s outgoing message quickly and easily. Call flows and ring groups are simple to set up meaning you never miss a call and your customers don’t get frustrated at not being able to get though. This can be done whenever you want and set up to suit your peak periods and even better, you don’t have to call out an IT person to do it.

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